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ZAF believes in the responsible choice of materials and is committed to using  renewable, recycled or recyclable resources  for the realization of its display systems. Together with suppliers, the company is constantly studying virtuous ways of disposing of plastic, wood and metal in favor of a  circular business for the production of unique structures, capable of lasting 50 years or more. The goal is to give resources time to regenerate, while ZAF and the companies it collaborates with continue to grow.



  In terms of raw materials, ZAF uses recovered metal from production waste. This metal is collected by a certified company to later produce the components used by ZAF. Not only is recycled metal good for the environment, it is also easier to work with and is technically optimal. The ZAF structures are also composed of laminated panels consisting of a chipboard core always coming from the surpluses generated by ZAF and other companies. Also in this case a trusted company takes care of the collection of the leftovers to then produce the chipboard that ZAF uses for its creations. Without forgetting the paints, the company has an eye towards this category of products, which is why, for most of its works, it uses water-based paints , perfect for the graphic customization of structures.

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