ZAF offers concrete and punctual solutions to the needs of the market. Coordination of industrial production, internal organization, and rapports with the market make ZAF the ideal company for interpreting, designing, and creating personalized set-ups that are the result of continuous investments in research and development.


ZAF’s transversality is a value for small, specialized stores, franchises, and large-scale distribution, as well as new urban models that call for the inclusion of shops, services, and residential development. ZAF’s innovativeness is recognized internationally, where it can count on a vast network of commercial partners. Its products can be found in more than 30 countries, including France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon

It was the 1950s when the Zentile family developed something new in the organized distribution sector: the first metal shelving systems with honeycomb wood shelves, made for the historic Standa store on via Torino in Milan.

ZAF found immediate success, with its skilful mix of innovative technical solutions and Italian tradition, combined with high-quality materials and a dedication to ensuring personal safety. ZAF’s products quickly became the top choice in contemporary distribution, with display projects designed for the supermarkets Stella, Standa, and Autogrill Pavesi.

This development model was 100% Italian, with artisan quality in the design phase mixed with industrial, production, and service capabilities.


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