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Flexibility and design skills

ZAF offers concrete and punctual solutions to the demands of the market. Coordination of industrial production capacity, internal design and relationship with the market make ZAF the ideal partner to interpret, design and create customized setups, the result of continuous investments in research and development.


ZAF’s transversality becomes value for the small specialized store, the franchise chain and large retailers, up to the new urban models that require the integration between stores, services and residential development. ZAF’s innovativeness is internationally recognized, and they can count on a vast network of business partners. Their products are present in more than 30 countries including France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Emirates and Lebanon.

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A history of tradition and innovation

It was the 1950s when the Zentile family developed something new in the large-scale distribution: the first production of metal shelving systems with honeycomb wooden shelves, made for the historic Standa store in via Torino, in Milan.


The success of ZAF is immediate, a skilful mix of innovative technical solutions and Italian tradition combined with high-quality materials and their focus on safety measures. ZAF’s products immediately became the top choice in contemporary distribution with setup projects for the Stella, Standa and Autogrill Pavesi supermarkets.


An all-Italian development model, where the artisan quality of design is combined with industrial, production and service skills.

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